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lookmyhostel.com provide the list of hostels with their price per different sharing, facilities they provide, where is it located, contact details of the owner, images of the hostel, reviews and ratings of the hostels and also the GPS location which helps in finding the location easily. Through the list you can easily compare the hostels and select the best one for your stay. Hostel owners need to register their hostel with us so that we can provide the cloud data management system, which helps in data protection through MB5 security. You can generate the reports of each month through our application. The best part is that, we come up with growth graphs of the hostel which in turn helps in improving the business and you can make different plans to improve it.We send the latest offers and updates through push notifications to our mobile app users and the facility to store the details like personal details, proofs, online receipts, amount paid. Owners can send reminders to pay the rents, or any information can be shared with our mobile app, which is available on windows, android and iOS.

Our Features

  1. Mobile Application(Android and IOS)
  2. Cloud Hostel Management System
  3. QR Code based Acceptence
  4. Fully Digital
  5. SMS, push notifications and Email alerts
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Navigation to the location
  8. Reports
  9. Data security (MD5 Encription)


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+91 8899998801
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